How to style your hair at home without damaging it

It can be sheer joy to step out of the house looking gorgeous and glamorous like we’ve just stepped out of the salon. However, with the many pieces of equipment and hair styling products on the market, it can be a huge pain and an even bigger challenge to style our hair on our own at home without causing damage to our crowning glory. I have found out that with these simple home hairstyling tips, we won’t damage our tresses and still enjoy looking good every day.


Using a flat iron, we can create lovely curls that last longer.


po2The flat iron doesn’t only work to create razor-straight hair or to tame frizz. We can use a premium quality hair straightener or flat iron to create lasting curls. How can we do that? If we have straight hair, we can roll a section of it at the side into a coil, then wrap the hair in foil. Then, we just press the foil-wrapped section with the flat iron to create a longer lasting curl. Of course, this styling tip won’t work without a premium quality flat iron.






Shampoo and condition hair using quality products.


po1I have experienced significant hair damage because of lousy hair cleansing products that have stripped away the moisture and nutrients in my hair, and the results have been devastating. I have learned from my mistake and have only used products with outstanding hair care properties and capabilities and mild formulations. We can make the most of conditioner washing or co-washing, which is gentler to the hair and scalp compared to regular shampoos and conditioners. With co-washing, there are no harsh shampoo chemicals so hair doesn’t lose its natural oils while staying healthier.





Blow dry hair the right way.


po3The natural way to dry hair is air drying, which also ensure the health of hair, but with proper blow drying, we not only keep our tresses dry but also improve their style and structure minus the excessive damage. We should first towel off our hair slightly to stop it enough from dripping. Rubbing the hair with a towel is not wise, as it can create friction that causes frizz and split ends. Instead, we should wrap the towel gently around our hair and squeeze. After toweling, the hair doesn’t have to be very dry, just not excessively soaked and dripping. Then, we should separate our hair into sections, around four to six, without tangles. Clips can be used on thick and long hair. Blow drying should start at the roots/tops, around 6 inches away from the scalp. Blow drying with an upwards motion not only causes greater damage but also prevents the moisture from soaking the rest of our hair. We should work our way down the sections we have created, leaving our hair a little damp, then finishing with the cold shot button.