2 hair styling tips you should try

You can find hundreds of styling tips online that all promise to give you sleek, shiny hair that is full of body and volume. Some of these tips works great, while others might leave you with flat or frizzy hair that has you grabbing a hat on your way out the door. Over the years I have tried many of these tips, with varying results. Here are two of my favorite hair styling tips that I am convinced everyone should try. Best of all these tips will work on any length and type of hair, and they are easy to do on busy mornings.


Add shine and lose frizz

This simple tip starts in the shower and ends with your towel. It will help give your hair a sleek, shiny look without any annoying frizz. It works in all climates, so even if you live where there is constant humidity you won’t have to deal with frizz or fly-away strands. After using a sulfate free shampoo, this will help prevent buildup which can cause your hair to look dull and lifeless, run your head quickly under cold water before getting out of the shower. The cold water will help seal the cuticle so hair looks sleek and shiny when it dries.

Once you get out of the shower refrain from roughly drying your hair with the towel. Simply pat the excess water out and then let your hair start to air dry while you are applying your makeup. Keeping your hair wrapped in a towel for 20 or 30 minutes can cause the cuticles to reopen, and this causes frizz. After letting your hair air dry for a few minutes, finish with a blow dryer and you’ll have a smooth, sleek style that you will be proud to show off.



Get plenty of volume

There is an easy way to give your hair plenty of volume without causing any damage, and it only takes a few minutes. After you’ve finished blowdrying your hair divide it into several sections, starting at the top of your head and working back to the crown. Wrap each section around a 2 inch foam roller for 30 minutes. While your hair is setting you can finish getting ready so you can head out the door without running late. Remove the rollers, brush out and spray lightly to hold the style, and you’ll have a style with plenty of volume that will last throughout the day.