Gear You Need For A Home Recording Studio


Do you know what “Nebraska” by Bruce Springsteen, “Exile on Main Street” by the legendary The Rolling Stones, “Wasting Light” by Foo Fighters, “OK Computer” by Radiohead, and “The Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails all have in common? They were all recorded in kitchens, bedrooms or small places with low-budget tools and great enthusiasm.

Sure, it may not become your most successful album, but everyone has to start somewhere, and the intimacy of your own home is the perfect place to get inspiration and put all your soul into each of the songs. However, apart from inspiration and a cozy, improvised place to record, you’ll also need these following tools.

A quality computer and specific recording software

The wonders of today’s technology make recording an entire album easy and cost-efficient, even without owning professional equipment. However, you still need to invest in a high-quality computer with Internet access and good recording software programs.

And, although most people are pleased with their Airbooks and MacBook Pros, there are plenty of other options on the market, aside from the popular Apple products.


A decent DAW

Although some digital audio workstations (DAWs) cost several thousand dollars, you don’t need to spend a fortune on one just yet. In fact, any DAW will do the trick at the beginning, as long as you know how to use one. Just make sure it is compatible with your computer and you get to record, edit, master, and mix your music according to your preferences.

Some of the most popular tools include Studio One, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar, and Audition.


Quality studio microphones

High-quality microphones are crucial if you want to record your music as clearly as possible and remove interferences. The good thing is that you won’t need more than one or two if you’re working by yourself or you track each instrument at a time.

Microphones aren’t too expensive either. In fact, given the broad array of products available on the market, you shouldn’t spend more than 100 dollars on such an item.


Studio headphones

Headphones are as important as microphones because they allow you to actually hear yourself while playing or singing. Headphones also help you remove all background noises and solely focus on your singing or playing skills.

However, bear in mind that each pair of headphones can slightly influence the way you hear yourself playing. In order to have a clear image of how you sound, use two-three different types of headphones from various brands.

Moreover, depending on the brand, these products can cost several hundred dollars. And, if you haven’t found the right item for you yet, just keep reading about it online or take a look at brands like Bose, Sony, and Beats by Dr. Dre.

2 hair styling tips you should try

You can find hundreds of styling tips online that all promise to give you sleek, shiny hair that is full of body and volume. Some of these tips works great, while others might leave you with flat or frizzy hair that has you grabbing a hat on your way out the door. Over the years I have tried many of these tips, with varying results. Here are two of my favorite hair styling tips that I am convinced everyone should try. Best of all these tips will work on any length and type of hair, and they are easy to do on busy mornings.


Add shine and lose frizz

This simple tip starts in the shower and ends with your towel. It will help give your hair a sleek, shiny look without any annoying frizz. It works in all climates, so even if you live where there is constant humidity you won’t have to deal with frizz or fly-away strands. After using a sulfate free shampoo, this will help prevent buildup which can cause your hair to look dull and lifeless, run your head quickly under cold water before getting out of the shower. The cold water will help seal the cuticle so hair looks sleek and shiny when it dries.

Once you get out of the shower refrain from roughly drying your hair with the towel. Simply pat the excess water out and then let your hair start to air dry while you are applying your makeup. Keeping your hair wrapped in a towel for 20 or 30 minutes can cause the cuticles to reopen, and this causes frizz. After letting your hair air dry for a few minutes, finish with a blow dryer and you’ll have a smooth, sleek style that you will be proud to show off.



Get plenty of volume

There is an easy way to give your hair plenty of volume without causing any damage, and it only takes a few minutes. After you’ve finished blowdrying your hair divide it into several sections, starting at the top of your head and working back to the crown. Wrap each section around a 2 inch foam roller for 30 minutes. While your hair is setting you can finish getting ready so you can head out the door without running late. Remove the rollers, brush out and spray lightly to hold the style, and you’ll have a style with plenty of volume that will last throughout the day.



How to style your hair at home without damaging it

It can be sheer joy to step out of the house looking gorgeous and glamorous like we’ve just stepped out of the salon. However, with the many pieces of equipment and hair styling products on the market, it can be a huge pain and an even bigger challenge to style our hair on our own at home without causing damage to our crowning glory. I have found out that with these simple home hairstyling tips, we won’t damage our tresses and still enjoy looking good every day.


Using a flat iron, we can create lovely curls that last longer.


po2The flat iron doesn’t only work to create razor-straight hair or to tame frizz. We can use a premium quality hair straightener or flat iron to create lasting curls. How can we do that? If we have straight hair, we can roll a section of it at the side into a coil, then wrap the hair in foil. Then, we just press the foil-wrapped section with the flat iron to create a longer lasting curl. Of course, this styling tip won’t work without a premium quality flat iron.






Shampoo and condition hair using quality products.


po1I have experienced significant hair damage because of lousy hair cleansing products that have stripped away the moisture and nutrients in my hair, and the results have been devastating. I have learned from my mistake and have only used products with outstanding hair care properties and capabilities and mild formulations. We can make the most of conditioner washing or co-washing, which is gentler to the hair and scalp compared to regular shampoos and conditioners. With co-washing, there are no harsh shampoo chemicals so hair doesn’t lose its natural oils while staying healthier.





Blow dry hair the right way.


po3The natural way to dry hair is air drying, which also ensure the health of hair, but with proper blow drying, we not only keep our tresses dry but also improve their style and structure minus the excessive damage. We should first towel off our hair slightly to stop it enough from dripping. Rubbing the hair with a towel is not wise, as it can create friction that causes frizz and split ends. Instead, we should wrap the towel gently around our hair and squeeze. After toweling, the hair doesn’t have to be very dry, just not excessively soaked and dripping. Then, we should separate our hair into sections, around four to six, without tangles. Clips can be used on thick and long hair. Blow drying should start at the roots/tops, around 6 inches away from the scalp. Blow drying with an upwards motion not only causes greater damage but also prevents the moisture from soaking the rest of our hair. We should work our way down the sections we have created, leaving our hair a little damp, then finishing with the cold shot button.

How to choose a steam iron

If I say ironing is one of the most tedious, niggling and hated house activities of all times, I’m sure most women will fully agree with me. This is the main reason for which you need an ironing machine that will make this task easier for you, and, the best way in which you can achieve this goal is by acquiring a steam iron.

How to choose steam ironPersonally, I put safety before functionality and, if there is one feature your steam iron needs to possess in my own view, that is an automatic shut off function. In know from experience that in a busy day, there is a great chance you forget turning it off and these are not tools you can play with, especially if you have kids around the house. This feature will make sure the iron will turn off automatically if it is not used for a while, preventing you from setting your house on fire in the worst case scenario.

best-steaming-iron-systemAs with many other domestic appliances, steam irons can be acquired in a variety of shapes and use different mechanisms to function. When it comes to steam irons, you can mainly find them in three varieties: basic steam irons, steam generators and hybrids. From the three, the most efficient is the steam generator, but this one is also the most expensive. My personal advice would be to acquire a product by measuring how much time you spend ironing. If you just do it once in a while, and even then just to iron a shirt or a pair of pants, you can safely pick a basic model and expect it to work just fine for small items. However, if you have a habitude of ironing sheets, curtains or other thick fabrics with large dimensions, you should invest in a steam generator, as it will reduce the amount of effort and time you spend ironing with more than half. Of course, a fairly inexpensive and efficient option would be acquiring a hybrid model, which is considered a middle class product, somewhere in between basic and high-end steam irons.

If you do decide to spend good money on an iron, make sure it comes with a limescale filter, because these little buggers tend to accumulate inside the machine and cause it to malfunction and you want to be able to use that product for a while, since you’ve paid so much on it.

What else is there? Well, a retractable cord is an essential feature when talking about electrical devices that need to be plugged into function. I would advise you to acquire a cordless ironing machine, but, from my point of view, they deliver poor performances on materials that are difficult to iron, so it is better to find a way of dealing with a cord than having to iron the same shirt for hours with no end in sight.

Don’t forget to check if the soleplates are made with stainless steel or ceramics, which are the best materials you can find on the market these days in terms of efficacy and accuracy of the steam iron. They not only allow you to move the iron softly on the fabric, but they are also stable and do not slide, which is something of a must if you don’t want to get yourself injured while ironing. Also, soleplates that taper at the nose are essential, but that is not something you should worry about, as most of them are shaped this way nowadays.

Last, but not least, make sure the steam iron is fitted with an ergonomic handle that will allow you to maneuver it with ease and will ensure your hands don’t feel sore after using it for a longer period of time.

Choosing a good flat iron

There really isn’t any other flat iron available on the market like this one. It isn’t simple to get the ideal hair straightener from numerous styling tools on the market. Below are some of the most effective hair straightener that can be found in market. Not each individual brand is likely to be the very best flat iron for hair out there! In addition, It has made finding the very best deals on the most effective flat iron simpler than ever. FHI is a favorite brand used by hairstylists all over the world, as well as the Platform series is among the very best flat irons out there.

There are lots of individuals who regret buying hair irons on account of the performance of the gadget. The rest of the flat irons need to be used just on dry hair. What makes the very best flat irons stick out from the remains of the flat irons could be the quality of its own heating plates. Surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of producers still be ceramic only flat irons. These irons could be pretty costly, however in the lengthy run, they can be worth it. Some irons require only just one pass.

If you do straighten your hair each day, then it’s very important to invest in a set iron of high quality. With lots of flat irons to pick from, it is rather difficult sometimes to pick out which one is going to provide you with the best outcomes. You need to perform a superior analysis on the very best quality flat irons available today through internet resources. Your own friends and hair stylists, that have worked with different unique lines of flat irons out on the market too can guide you. After doing some research, I’ve found among the best places on the internet to find hair straightening products at a fantastic cost. One has to select the best flat iron based on what is going to work the very best in your circumstance together with some research.

I’ve tried 2 hair straighteners already but I’ven’t found the finest flat iron for hair. The optimal/optimally feature of the steam iron hair straightener is it can be properly used for wet in addition to being dry hair. The Solia iron further comes in a number of different colors to pick from. The metallic plates are extremely smooth and don’t cause any snagging which is brought on by the customary metallic plated flat hair irons. There’s also the choice of the quick heat-up, where in fact the iron is fine to go in 60 seconds. Maxiglide earn a steam flat iron that is among the very best.

Flat irons can be found in a vast array of sizes which range from standard to broad width to suit various hair textures your private choice. After deciding, now you can evaluate each of the models of flat irons that are offered. Because of this, you are required to do a little bit of research on the characteristics of every flat iron in order to have a thorough comparison on them. Users are testifying this product is among the very best of the irons that are accessible in the marketplace today.

Expensive Diaper Bags – Are They Worth It?

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their baby. One of the most essential things parents need to invest in is a handy diaper bag. While there are numerous brands that you can choose from, budget is always a concern. Some diaper bags are affordable, but there are a number of high-end diaper bags that could cost you a fortune. Does this investment seems practical? Let’s take a look at what these bags are all about.

Brand Brand Brand

What separates the expensive diaper bags from the normal ones is the brand. Believe it or not, a number of parents don’t mind splurging a lot of money just to carry a diaper bag that has a big brand tag on it. The main reason for these bags being very popular is the competition amongst parents to prove to the world that they are willing to spend more money for their children. Branded diaper bags can up to as high as $1000, and parents who can afford it, don’t shy away from spending that kind of money.

Designer diaper bag


Honestly, all diaper bags are the same. While you can get them in different sizes, the main use of the bag is to store up your baby’s essentials. These bags have been designed in a manner to make storing up your baby’s items carefully and in a neat manner. A $50 diaper bag will serve the same purpose as one that costs $500. You will find different compartments in both of them, they both are easy to pack and carry and you will get multiple color options with branded as well as non branded diaper bags.


This is the only difference between a branded and a non branded diaper bag. The quality of fabric used to create a designer diaper bag is a lot better in comparison to the ones that are relatively cheaper. When it comes design and looks, a designer bag does look very impressive. Women who love fashion and style and love to look good do not mind the designer bags since they add a sense of class to the person carrying it.

The designer expensive diaper bags are of use to the people who are highly impressed by brands and do not like to settle down for anything less than a branded product.

designer diaper bag2

Are They Worth It

Whether or not an expensive diaper bag is worth it depends on the person using it. While some people simply look for convenience and ease, others look for a lot more than just that. While there are not a lot of choices available with the normal designer bags, there’s a wide range of styles and patterns available with the more expensive ones. If you’re always worried about your image and you’re not ready to settle for anything less stylish and fashionable then these expensive designer bags are meant for you. They do add a sense of style and class to your overall personality.